Too old to be wild and too young to be eccentric—but I’m working on it.

I have been a crafter, creator, artist, maker (the words have changed with the times) since I was a young kid building doll houses out of cardboard boxes with bits of scavenged treasures for furniture.  To find an object and think of a new use for it gives me more pleasure than buying anything off the shelf.  I love the feel of old things and to think about whose hands have shaped them.  Old books have the same intrigue.  I love to read the inscriptions and marginalia and to wonder why some pages seem so well loved.

I am a collector of many things – quotes, books old and new, good and true friends, ideas, art supplies, oddball words, handmade papers, beach rocks, the lunatic fringe, and unfinished projects.

None of this has any monetary value, and that’s just fine.  To me, it’s priceless.