On The Reading Shelf

On Reading Vogue

A subscription to Vogue Magazine is a requirement for the Build a Line Challenge sponsored by B’Sue Boutiques. I haven’t read Vogue since my salad days. When the first issue arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in. I sat in the comfortable Lazy Boy covered with a warm blanket armed with red pen, highlighter and a myriad of little arrow Post-It notes. The first thing I did was rip out all the perfume ads. Love those.

I wasn’t quite sure what the objective was in requiring the subscription, but I was ready to begin. I took my time exploring and examined each page carefully, highlighting jewelry, writing comments on the photos, dog-earring pages. What was I seeing? What did I like? What was speaking to me?

I was inspired. No… I was fired up. I went into my bedroom closet and took a good look around. I saw imitation Uggs, baggy yoga pants that have never come in contact with a yoga mat, heavy wool sweaters, bulky socks, and not a Jimmy Choo in sight.

And then, I got into the car and headed to the local upscale lifestyle center. Jimmy Choo was calling and I answered. The blue suede Vixen with its perfect little bow at the back longed to be on my feet as did the Hitch in that oh-so-lovely orchid shade. A pair of black stilettos were added, and I was done.

And then, I headed to Dolce and Gabbana. That green striped cardigan with the jeweled pineapple embellishment was just the spot of brightness I needed. Those black cuissard boots and the cordonetto lace sheath dress in black begged to come home with me; and not being one to resist, I let them.

And then, I headed to makeup. It was time to get new. So I went with everything Chanel. Just the sound of Poudre Universelle Libre made me feel beautiful. Of course, I also bought some perfume.

And then, with no butler in sight to carry my purchases and bring the car around, I searched the massive parking lot for my car. And searched. And searched. And searched.

And then I woke up.

And put on my imitation Uggs and the baggy yoga pants. Pulled on a coat over my two warm shirts and stuffed my fingers into a pair of gloves followed by a pair of mittens. I opened the side of one the perfume ads and rubbed it all over my jacket.

And then, I went outside and shoveled four inches of snow out of the driveway.


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