Exploration · Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Sometimes I wonder if making things is just an excuse to gather things. This is what is on my jewelry work table right now.  Pretty cool, huh?


I can’t stop running my fingers over these glass pieces. Their satin surfaces invite touch, and I hold them up to the light to peer through them with squinted eyes. How can I use these? Will I wire wrap them? What color wire will I use? Will I use them as a focal or as something else?  That skinny cobalt blue piece looks more like a closure for a book.  I’ll move it to the book work table.


And then there are these brass stampings. Out comes the magnifying glass to examine them. How will these surfaces catch and hold colors applied to them? What parts should I emphasize? How will I make these uniquely mine?

Do I need to keep that beetle for me? I think so.


And what about these papers – a minuscule part of what I’ve collected. Will these be useful in my project or should I put them aside for others? Do the textures play to what I want to create?


I like these tags; some have been filled with resin. Can I use them for this project? How?

When you buy something handmade, it’s easy to see the raw materials that were used but impossible to know all the decisions that went into making the piece.  And the most difficult decision of any project is saying “This is where I’ll start.”

For today, I’ll choose one of those spotted blue pieces of glass in the top photo.  It’s going to get two holes drilled into it.  Maybe it will be a bracelet; maybe a pendant.  This is where I’ll start.


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